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Tying Fishing Knots - Saltwater

Knots, especially those on saltwater fishing rigs, should always be tied with proper fishing line knots as you never know how big that next fish will be!

The first six fishing knots on these pages are the same as those used by kite fishers in New Zealand. Not only are they very strong, they are also very durable so don't need to be re-tied as often as most conventional knots.

Unlike many other knots the nylon coils on these ones actually locks in such a way that the line does not cut into itself or continue tightening up and weakening the line after they have been set. Conventional fishing knots are at the bottom of the page.

How to tie fishing knots that are stronger
New Uni Knot With Catspaw
A Better Blood Loop

One of the most durable fishing knots of all. Great where you need saltwater fishing knots that will last.

fishing knots

Concerned about the strength of your loop fishing knots, find out how to tie this incredibly strong dropper loop knot.

fishing knot loop
Learn it here Platted Blood Loop

A New Uni
How to Snell Hooks

An alternate uni that has the advantage that it can be pulled up around an expanded hand to form a stable slip noose.

fishing knot uni Snelled hooks give improved catch rates, it takes only seconds per hook and is much stronger than tying hooks on. snelling
New uni knot Snell knot here

Crimped Joins
Braid Loop

A correctly made crimped join is ideal for joining very heavy fishing lines together when fishing knot tying isn't strong enough.

how to tie fishing knots

Use three way shock cords in kite and kontiki rigs. One of the best braided fishing line loops.

See how to crimp here Find out how here

Tie Traces the Correct Length
Conventional Uni

The main question we get asked is, "What fishing knot tying system do you use to get all the traces exactly the right length?

traces A very popular fishing knot mainly used for attaching the trace to the swivel on your fishing line on surf fishing rigs. uni
Fishing knot tying to length Learn how to tie it here

Blood Knot
Clinch and Improved Clinch
A knot for joining lines for those occasions when you need to join two lines fast and are not too worried about knot strength. blood_knot Tying the simple clinch and improved clinch are the ideal way of attaching the trace line to the swivel. clinch
Blood Knot Here Both knots are here

These pages have been designed and compiled by Paul's Kites to assist kite and kontiki fishers repair and maintain their rigs.

Boat longliners, kite and kontiki fishers wishing to make up their own gear should go to

Using the search box provided on the top right hand side, type in the name of the rig you want to construct and you will be taken to a diagram of the rig.

The instructions of how to use each of the kites and rigs at will also provide valuable information for anyone wanting to know more about kite and kontiki fishing.

Once you have become competent with these fishing knots there are some great rigs you can make up at our fishing rig page

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Buy Online
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