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Crimped Joins

A correctly made crimped join is by far the most reliable method for permanently joining heavy lines together.

If you are using wire leader fishing knots try changing to crimp joins as they are smaller and often stronger.

If you are using a kite powered longline, kontiki rig or submarine where the mainline is dragged along the sea bed during setting and retrieval a correctly made crimped join has many advantages over any other knot.

The join in the fishing line should be double crimped on each side of the join as shown in the diagram.

A protective tube, chafe protector or thimbles must be used to protect the loops from scuffing on the seabed, or cutting in to each other.

Always use the correct tool for the crimp, a Yo-zuri Crimping tool or Jinkai Hand crimper tool is essential.

When joining lines of different sizes Paul's Fishing Kites use a metre of 130lb B/S dacron over the weaker line to maximise the strength of the join. See diagram below.


While Paul's Fishing Kites report they have never had one of their crimped joins break, they have often repaired other manufacturers kitefishing equipment where crimped join failure has occurred with the resulting expensive loss of kites and gear.

The ones that have failed have not had the protective non toxic tube sheath over the join and the two loops have cut into each other over time. While they have had dacron over the join this has chafed through as it is not abrasion resistant. The line eventually breaks when the unprotected dacron scuffs off and one loop wears through, or the line is put under a heavy load.

So if you have a Paul's fishing Kites rig, don't worry, the joins are sound. If you have a rig that has no tube or only dacron over you joins, get it fixed as soon as possible!

Contact us here if you need the joins in your kite or kon tiki rig checked and repaired


Fishing Knots Picture-Crimped Join
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