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Tying Loops in Braided Fishing Line Cord

Knot Tying Tutorial

Paul's Fishing Kites uses heavy braided fishing line shock cords in all of their kite and kon tiki rigs wherever a the fishing line is subjected to a 3 way pull.

The reason flexible shock cords are used is that nylon fishing line cannot take an angular pull for very long without fatiguing, and eventually breaking over time.

When properly tied these braided fishing line knots are certainly the best looking of the braided fishing line knots and is very strong.

For those looking for spectra, power pro or spiderwire knots more information on braided fishing line knot tying and braided loops is below the diagram. The fishing knot shown is used at each end of the three way shock cords. A blood loop or platted blood loop is used between the two knots to carry the third peice of line.
  • Start with just over one metre (a yard) of flexible nylon cord or dacron braided fishing line which is two to three times stronger than the line it will be tied into.
  • Form a large loop and form a circle with it.
  • Carefully twist the end of the loop inside the coil you have made three or four times while keeping the two strands laying correctly beside each other.
  • Pull the knot up slowly and if a coil jumps roll it back into place.
  • Twisting the loop as you pull it up will considerably help to keep the coils in the right place on stiffer cord.
  • Before the final tightening roll the pre-formed semi tightened knot back and forth between palm and thigh and the result will be a perfectly formed series of coils when finally set.

Don't be discouraged if it doesn't come out perfect the first time, a little practice is usually required with this knot.


KNOT TYING ILLUSTRATION Braided fishing line loop knot for fishing kite rigs


saltwater fishing knot

Fishing knots with super line

We recently found this unbelievably easy to tie superbraid knot that tested at 90%, which is well above the strength of a bimini twist.

90% Spectra Knot Here

For those looking for other super braid or spiderwire knots we suggest the bimini twist knot with the line doubled over before starting forming the knot.

If you visit our store get Rob to show you how to tie the bimini twist knot.

Most bimini twist knot help link shows how to do a single strand knot so make sure you double the line over first and then follow their instructions.

When you are finished you should have two equal loops on the end of your line and a 70% strength braided line knot.

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Buy Online
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