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Kite Fishing
Over the last 15 years fishing from the shore in New Zealand has undergone a major transformation.

One time surfcasters and novices alike have been taking up kitefishing in droves.

The result has been phenominal catches, often from fishers with little or no previous fishing experience, being reported from all around the country.

The outstanding success of this method of fishing is not surprising, kite fishers regularly cast their baited hooks 1000 metres or more offshore.

That is not a misprint!


They actually fish the productive waters 10 times further offshore than most fishermen can cast a line.

There is an immense range of fishing kites and rigs available.

The range covers small kites and rigs suitable for fishing two to 10 hooks on 8 to 30kg fishing line.

Heavy duty kite fishing rigs capable of setting up to 25 hooks on as far as two kilometers offshore are also available, as is everything in between.

Paul's Fishing Kites are undoubtlely the reason kitefishing is so popular in New Zealand.

To find out more about kitefishing visit

Right : Kitefishing is a great family sport enjoyed by thousands of New Zealanders



Fishing Kite History in New Zealand
In 1988 Paul, an ex commercial longline fisherman, developed a tackable fishing kite and incorporated the most efficient fishing system into his first recreational kite longlining fishing rig.

Even at this early stage word of their fishing and flying performance quickly spread.

As the technology improved so did the versatility of the kitefishing rigs.

It is now possible to cast your surfcasting gear as far offshore as your fishing line capacity allows.

You can also troll from a 4WD vehicle, or while walking up and down the beach.


Casting lines out and separating the kite from the fishing gear is a breeze.

Any fishing method you can employ from a boat can now be achieved from the shore with a kite.

Most species of fish can be targeted using a kite-powered system including snapper, kingfish, kahawai, gurnard, trevally and the larger pelagics such as marlin and tuna.

To find out more about kitefishing visit



Right : Bodo Luckfiel, fishing 5 hooks with his Flexiwing Fishing Kite Rig at Muriwai landed three kahawai and three snapper from only two sets.


Buy Online
Buy Online
Kite Rigs and Boat Longlines Kite Parts and Flounder Lights



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