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Improve Your Fishing - The Sliding Trace Rig

The innovative Sliding trace system is so effective it almost brings dead baits to life!

It is highly successful for catching snapper, trevally, terakihi, red snapper kingfish and even john dory over the worst kind of reef or snaggy areas.

It is quick, easy to use and incorporates the same running trace technology the commercial fishermen use.

We all know they wouldn't waste their time with any method that doesn't catch them fish.

You will have heaps of fun out-fishing your mates with this novel new fishing system and it will increase your fishing time through less tangles and bust offs.

The cunning design of the Sliding Rig is what makes it so productive.

The use of clip on traces and snelled circle hooks gives you a much better chance of hooking and holding good fish plus the bonus of fewer tangles.

The length of the weight line can be adjusted to keep the hooks well above the weed or coral you are fishing over to reduce the chances of snagging your hook.

When fishing this rig over serious reef or very weedy areas always use a sacrificial weight on the bottom so you don't loose good fish if the weight catches in the snags.


saltwater fishing rig


Graeme Perkinson writes about the Sliding Rig
The Running Trace

Graeme Perkinson writes about the Sliding Rig

I am a member of the Weymouth Boating Club and have been using The Sliding Trace Fishing Rig around Rangitoto.

My wife and I enjoyed the talk and also the information that Paul of Paul's Fishing Kites gave to us when he came to our club last year at our A.G.M.

We fish from a boat, mainly in the Rangitoto Channel area of the Waitemata Harbour.

Paul's Sliding Rig works very well in this area.

We have caught snapper, kahawai, trevally and just recently added john dory to the list.

I have half shares in one of Paul's Boat Longlines but have yet to use it at our spot as we always come home with fish anyway.

We don't take too many fish at once as we like to go out in the boat often, this gives us a reason to go out fishing.

Once again thank you for some great information both in your shop and now on your web page. Kind regards Graeme Perkinson.


More information and articles on the sliding rig

Buy ready made sliding fishing rigs or the parts to build your own here

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Buy Online
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