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Fishing Knots and Rigs

Paul's Fishing Kites

This fishing knot and fishing rig website has been compiled by Pauls Fishing Kites.

If you want to see their full range of salt water fishing tackle, fishing rigs, kite fishing reels, kite fishing tackle, snapper rigs, saltwater fishing reports, saltwater fishing tips, free fishing maps, kites and saltwater fishing tips visit their other fishing website

Paul's Fishing Kites

Saltwater Fishing Rigs
Rig Fishing Catches

A selection of boat and surf fishing rigs for catching saltwater fish.

  The Sliding Trace Fishing Rig

A new lethal fishing rig for saltwater fish species. Great for when the fish are shy or off the bottom

Fishing Rigs Sliding Trace Rig


Fishing Beads Floating

One of our best surf fishing tips, floating surf fishing rigs. Keep paddle crabs away from your bait.

  2 Hook Fishing Rig

Snapper rigs one of the surf fishing basics. A two hook rig which is ideal for soft baits like pilchards.

Floating Bead Traces Two Hook Pilchard


Ledger Rig

Hapuku and bass fishing rigs for deep reef areas. Full instructions on how to catch deep-water specis.

  Tying fish hooks compared with snelling fish hooks What a difference fishing hook knots can make! Snelling a fish hook will increase your catch.
Ledger Rigs Tying versus Snelling
Fishing Knots
Fishing knots

Fishing knot tying made easy with this knot tying tutorial. An assortment of the strongest fishing knots in the world.

  Snell Fishing Knot

Snelled fishing hooks with fishing hook knot tying pics. Use this knot to increase your catch rates.

Fishing Knots How to Snell Hooks


Tying fishing traces to the correct length for the trace rack

Knot tying illustration to get your traces all the same length. It's not as hard as you may think!

  Platted blood loop knot the strongest fishing line knot

A loop knot for fishing, easy to tie and much stronger than any other loop knot. Make stronger fishing rigs out of thinner line.

Tie Traces to Length A Better Blood Loop


The new uni knot for tying fishing rigs

New saltwater knot illustrations. This version of the uni knot will not weaken over time.

  the uni knot loop with a catspaw join to swivel or clip Learn how to tie knots that don't weaken over time by incorporating a catspaw with a uni knot loop.
Hangmans Uni Knot Uni Knot/Catspaw


The conventional uni knot for tying fishing tackle

A simple to tie slip knot, pictures make it easy. The standard uni knot is a very popular fishing knot

  A braid loop knot for fishing rigs

Braided fishing line knots for making loops. This is the knot Paul uses for his shock cords in all his kitefishing kits.

Uni Knot Shock Cords


Crimping Fishing Lines

When no knot is strong enough a crimped join is a good alternative for joining heavy fishing lines permanently.

  The Blood Loop Knot The most popular knots for joining fishing lines quickly. Not a recommended knot because it weakens the line by almost 50%
Crimping Joins Blood Knot


The improved clinch knot

Ideal for attaching the trace line to the swivel. Two versions of this knot shown both work well on kite and longline fishing gear.

  Standard Clinch Knot

Ideal for attaching terminal tackle. This is the knot Paul's Fishing kites use for their traces on kite and long-line fishing gear.

Improved Clinch Clinch Knot


Kite Fishing
Kite Fishing Rig

Really productive surf fishing equipment which will get you casting your fishing line 500 yards or more offshore

  Kite Fishing Catches Saltwater fish catches taken on Paul's Fishing Kites kite rigs, boat long-lines and Target Snapper Hooks
About Kitefishing Pictures of Fish
  giff     giff
Longline Fishing   Seabird By-Catch
Longline Fishing Catch

The ultimate salt water fishing tackle for small fishing boats. Set the line for a couple of hours then haul in the fish

  Fishing Boats Developing technologies capable of assisting in solving the seabird by-catch issue in the Tuna Surface Longline Fishery.
About Longlining Seabird By-catch
giff   giff
Seabird By-Catch Mitigation
Fishing Vessel Danniel Solander

Sea Trials of an Underwater Bait Setting Device on a commercial vessel in open water conditions.

  Fishing vessel Brenda Kay Performance of a USD device on a smaller longline vessel in a range of sea conditions
Daniel Solander F.V. Brenda Kay Sea Trial
Underwater Setting Device to mitigate seabird bycatch

The objective of trial number 3 was to set a minimum of 4,000 hooks through the modified USD under the normal fishing conditions on a commercial fishing vessel, and evaluate its seaworthiness, and ease of use. The trial was undertaken on the domestic longline fishing vessel F.V. Atu S., owned by Moana Pacific Ltd.

Fishing Vessel Atu. S Sea Trials of underwater chute

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